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Unishippers offers a lifestyle that's unique in the franchise community.

One of the most attractive aspects of owning a Unishippers franchise is the flexible - and frankly normal - lifestyle it can offer.
While franchise ownership always takes a lot of work and commitment Unishippers has some benefits that make it unique in the
franchise world:

Is Unishippers Right For Me?
Sane business hours
Sane business hours
Unishippers provides a business-to-business service, so the hours
involved are typical business hours. Unlike most retail franchises,
you'll have most of your evenings and weekends free to pursue the
activities and lifestyle you want. Take a look.
Low startup costs
Low startup costs
No heavy equipment is needed, and you don't have to worry about
picking up or delivering the packages. That's all done by our
reliable carrier network.
Residual income
Residual income
You earn residual income every time a customer makes a shipment.
While you do need to provide exceptional customer service and
build relationships with your customers, you don't have to worry
about selling them the same product over and over again.

Geographic flexibility
Geographic flexibility
Our National Franchise model lets you own and operate your business from virtually anywhere in the country, so there's
no need to relocate. Learn more.